Here’s how to compete:

1. Start by creating an account at Swedish Content Awards’ competition site. This will allow you to log in and submit an entry.

We use the same competition system as for example Guldägget, 100-wattaren, Gulltaggen and Stella. If you already have a user account with username and password for any of that competitions, please log in here.

2. Select which categories your entry will compete in. The jury reserves the right to move an entry to a different category should they believe that the wrong category has been selected. If a category do not get enough entries, the jury has the right to move the entry to another more suitable category, but not without requesting the change with the applicant.

3. Competing entries must be produced or published/be in the public domain during 2017.

4. The entrance fee for each entry is 2450 SEK for members of Swedish Content Agencies and 3450 SEK for non-members. For non Swedish agencies that have not submit entries in the competition before, the entrance fee for first entry will be for free. The fee shall be invoiced digitally.

5. Printed publications shall be submitted in five (5) copies for each category that the entry competes in. A printed confirmation e-mail must be attached to each copy. Please, use a stapler. For digital entries, an online submission is sufficient. All images shall be uploaded to the Swedish Content Awards competition site. The competition organisers reserve the right to display the material during the prize-giving ceremony as well as using the image material in press communications before and after the ceremony. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the image material may be used in this way.

6. Competition entries must be submitted before 16:00 CET on March 26 2017 at the following address:

Swedish Content Agencies
Kornhamnstorg 49, 5th floor
111 27 Stockholm

For delivery with messenger service, email to receive the elevator code.

7. Nomination diplomas will be issued to all nominees, one to the client and one to the agency. A first and second-place winner for each category will be revealed at the prize ceremony May 30 2018. For the categories Best B2B, Best B2C and Best Internal, only one winner will be awarded.