Categories and rules

Competition rules and guidelines

Who can compete?
Swedish Content Awards welcomes all who work with content marketing no matter if the productions are created in-house or by an agency. However, if the contestant is an agency, then it is not allowed to compete with an entry where the purpose is to market its own or its parent company’s business. Both Swedish content marketing creators and those from other countries can enter the competition.

The entry application must be written in English or Swedish. However, the entry itself may be in any language. Except for the category 16 (Text) where the entry must be in English or Swedish.

Swedish Content Awards has 20 separate categories.
Swedish Content Awards allows entries such as websites, videos, editorial apps, editorial events, customer magazines, sustainable and annual reports, membership magazines, mission/task books, native advertising, podcasts, social media or content marketing solutions that integrate several different channels. If you compete with a content marketing solution that spans several different platforms, then you must clearly show how the impact was achieved by allowing the different channels to work together.

Competition categories are branch specific but also comprise several prizes that reward craftsmanship and that reward the Best B2B, Best B2C or Best Internal communication regardless of branch.

An entry may compete in one or more categories but only one (1) of the categories 1-13. 

The jury will judge based on innovation, solution creativity and impact in the categories 1-13 and 18-20. For the categories 14-17 is impact not a parameter for judging.

In Swedish Content Awards 2017 you can submit entries that have been produced and/or published during 2016.


1. Transport
Content marketing for cars, aircraft, boats, motorcycles and trucks as well as agricultural and industrial vehicles and machinery.

2. Banking, finance, insurance
Content marketing for banks, funds, insurance and insurance companies, auditing and accounting firms.

3. Travel, entertainment and the leisure industry
Content marketing for hotels, travel agents, tourist attractions, events (excluding athletic races) and betting companies as well as media.

4. Non-profit
Content marketing for charitable organisations or non-profit initiatives that have the goal of making the world a better place. Non-profit sport and association activities also compete in this category (however not athletic races, see category Medicine and health service).

5. Retail/consumer goods
Content marketing where the goods are sold directly to the end consumer.

6. Public sector
Content marketing for local authorities and county councils as well as authorities and other state agencies. State-owned companies with clear commercial goals do not compete in this category.

7. Industrial/manufacturing/energy
Content marketing produced for energy companies, commodity producers and the manufacturing industry.

8. Technology/telecom/IT
Content marketing for companies working with IT, telecom and other technical solutions. Electronics manufacturers also compete in this category.

9. Construction, subcontracting, real estate
Content marketing for construction/trade companies, subcontractors and the real estate industry as well as real estate agents.

10. Industry and interest organisations/unions
Content marketing for industry and interest organisations, focus and business associations as well as unions.

11. Medicine and health service
Content marketing for chemists, medicine and services within nursing, care and healthcare. Athletic races compete within this category.

12. Service companies
Content marketing for companies within staffing, recruitment and education as well as other consultancy service companies that market towards individuals or companies.

13. Transport and logistics
For shipping companies, airlines, rail operators and delivery companies.


14. Photo/illustration/graphics
Here, we reward the Best photo, graphic or illustration. The entry could, for example, be a series of images in a report or a single photo, infographic or illustration. No animation or other moving image is allowed, as these compete in the category Moving. The jury will also consider how the photo, illustration or infographic works together with the other editorial content.

15. Design
Here, we reward well-designed and well-executed overall designs for websites or newspapers.

16. Text
This category rewards the best text or best script for perhaps a report, video or a podcast. The text should be highly original and relevant to the target audience.

17. Video
Here, we reward videos, photos or animations. If the entry is a series of films, then only one film should be submitted or alternatively a compilation edit. The jury shall judge the overall impact including concept, editing and direction.


18. Best turnaround
This category rewards those who have made a brand journey through content marketing. The price goes to a brave and powerful example that shows improvement. The content marketing solutions should be done by strategic creation and prove a valid effect.

19. Best effect and engagement
Here, we reward those who made a significant break trough via content marketing, both to an internal and an external target group. Internal and external communication should fit together in a well thought out manner.

20. Best innovation
This category rewards the content marketing examples that are edgy, new, innovative and different. The storys that really takes on a whole new approach. The innovation can be found in the message, the choice of channel and/or the technical solution.